The Association "Mediacijas Telpa" was established on September 7, 2015 with the aim to promote the introduction and application of alternative dispute resolution methods in Latvia, public education, provide professional psycho-social assistance, increase the integrity of persons with various social problems, protect their interests and rights.

The activities and directions of the association's daily work are related to the promotion of the interests and participation of the society, especially pupils and students, which is based on the improvement of practical knowledge, mutual trust and cooperation with socially excluded groups in society, incl. promoting the sustainable development of civil society, the processes of re-socialization and equal treatment, as well as improving the mental quality of life of the society.

The association has voluntary members with knowledge and experience in psychology, social work, mediation, pedagogy, education, crisis intervention, voluntary settlement mediation, as well as participation in youth detention centers, voluntary support and circles of responsibility. Members work on the basis of Swedish Peacekeeping Approaches to Behavioral Problems and non-violent conflict resolution and communication methods that are used in Germany and the United States.

Over the past five years we have organized and worked on activities that are directly related to capacity building for vulnerable groups, strengthening acceptance, courage, self-esteem, and participation. Examples of our work:
     1) educated more than 1,300 interested people, including Youth Watch instructors, teachers, parents, students (including teenagers), foster families, volunteer peers and mentors in respectful communication, communication, dialogue between community groups (incl. punishment, people of different nationalities, religious and social groups), constructive conflict resolution, emotion and stress control;
     2) groups of educational teachers in 12 schools in non-violent communication, reduction of mobbing, conflict resolution;
     3) trained young people from Daugavpils region from 12 schools in peer mediation, the aim of which is listening to hear, reflect, communicate respect, diversify and analyze each person;
     4) trained professionals who work with vulnerable young people and their families on a daily basis in the Daugavpils City and County Orphan's Court;
     5) educated the pedagogical collective acceptance, cooperation, communication, responsibility sharing skills of Jēkabpils joint schools;
     6) worked together with foster families in Vidzeme and Kurzeme, learning to understand and introduce "foreign" young people in order to show them the possibility of the countryside for their future;
     7) work with PMP "Pumpura" youth. In our experience of working with vulnerable young people, we are convinced of their desire to develop themselves in all social, social, professional situations, receiving a respectful, supportive and acceptable attitude without others.

The association actively participates in the "Latvian Children's Welfare Network"; and in the work of the “Latvian Adult Education Association”. For the Association and active cooperation with Jekabpils, Daugavpils, Liepaja, Vilani and Gulbene municipalities, “Resilience Center”, Hope House ; Crises Center Skalbes; "Bona Fide Latvia"; United Regions Family Support Center "Teresa"; "Riga City" Caring Child ";" Jekabpils NGO Resource Center "; Cesis Youth House.