With discussions, seminars, lectures, working groups, creative workshops we want to give insight:

  • how to build dialogue productively
  • how to be proactive in life
  • to express yourself creatively and explore the surroundings

We want to help you build a conscious view of yourself, relationships and life.

We can offer:


- mediator training

This course is intended for those who want to become mediators and take the tests of a certified mediator, strengthen existing knowledge, as well as want to acquire basic dialogue and conflict resolution skills for successful use in both professional and daily life. The course is divided into two subprograms Subprogram 1.1. “Training of Mediators” in the amount of 135 academic hours and Subprogram 1.2. “Development of Conscious Personality” in the amount of 105 academic hours. (training in Latvian for now)

- lectures and seminars

For teachers, parents and anyone interested:

  • Conflict. Communication. Emotions. Accepting generational differences.
  • Non-violent and violent behavior in the school environment. Social groups. Promoting interpersonal communication. Volunteer work.
  • The role of communication in the interaction of family and school systems.
  • and much more

For students:

  • "You have to know how to argue too!"
  • Peer mediation.
  • Conflict. Communication. Emotions.
  • ...and more

For institutions, work teams:

  • Mediation as a method of increasing communicative competence in working with clients and team.
  • Effective communication and communication skills. Conflicts, conflict management and resolution strategy.
  • Mobing in the collective, recognition, naming and action of its manifestations. Developing responsibility-sharing and decision-making skills.

Also we offer:

  • "Rights and responsibilities of children and parents on the path to mutual respect and understanding"
  • "The role of dialogue in communication, its application in group work and individual consultations"
  • "Whether and why to live together for several generations"
  • “Self-knowledge. Its role in strengthening the employee's professional stability "
  • "Emotional intelligence - an assistant in mediation."
  • "The Key to Productive Growth - Your Emotional Health"
  • And we have much more!


"Voluntary agreement between the parties, not dictated by a third party, is the best way to resolve disputes" /Confucius/

Thus, Mediation is a voluntary co-operation process in which the parties seek to reach a mutually acceptable agreement to resolve their differences through a mediator.

Mediation is based on the following principles:

  • volunteering
  • equality and cooperation
  • confidentiality
  • neutrality and objectivity.

What is this process? 

  • The decision is taken by the parties themselves
  • The parties choose a mediator
  • The process is confidential
  • The process can take a few hours
  • A relaxed, free atmosphere that does not create additional emotional stress for the parties
  • All issues important to the parties that contribute to the resolution of the conflict are discussed
  • Cooperation is taking place in finding the most advantageous alternative for the parties
  • Solutions are free to choose so that the parties are satisfied with the agreement reached
  • Both mediators are the winners, as a variant has been reached that fully satisfies all parties
  • The decision is enforced voluntarily, but enforcement can be agreed
  • Sessions take place on the mediator's premises or by agreement of the participants
  • Mediation sessions take place with the participation of both parties or separate sessions are used
  • Mediation is possible in remote communication.


With us, you can receive full service support, both by obtaining confidence and achieving the desired results in resolving the various legal, financial, economic issues and by successfully planning further developments. By working in conflict situations we can help to reach an agreement to resolve your disagreements.

Our specialists are professionals and experts in various fields who will be there to help you gain confidence and achieve the desired results not only in solving various issues, but also provide support in any situation that is important to you.

We are here to help you find the best solution to your legal issues.

Our specialists: lawyers, jurists, experts in various fields have helped clients to gain confidence and achieve the desired results in resolving various legal, financial and economic issues.

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