The Association "Mediacijas Telpa" was established on September 7, 2015 with the aim to promote the introduction and application of alternative dispute resolution methods in Latvia, public education, provide professional psycho-social assistance, increase the integrity of persons with various social problems, protect their interests and rights.

The activities of the association are related to the promotion of the interests and participation of the society, especially pupils and young students, which is based on the improvement of practical knowledge, mutual trust and cooperation with various groups of society, incl. promoting the sustainable development of civil society, the processes of resocialisation and equal treatment, as well as improving the quality of life in society.

The Association is independent of public administration institutions, political parties or commercial organizations and is not a for-profit organization. The association has voluntary members with knowledge and experience in mediation, crisis intervention, voluntary settlement mediation, as well as co-operation for young people in prison, voluntary support and responsibility circles. Members work on the basis of Swedish Peacekeeping Approaches to Behavioral Problems and Non-Violent Conflict Resolution and Communication Methods in Germany and the United States.

Mediation can be linked to the core values of social work which are implemented in a consistent and structured way. These are: respect for the person, involvement and self-responsibility, separation of person and case, volunteering instead of coercion and punishment, empathy and change of perspective, description instead of evaluation, systemic thinking. On the one hand, mediation as a conflict resolution requires a professional attitude from the person who resolves it,who incorporates these elements into their activities and that can be learned by performing the exercises offered in this training program.

At the end of 2016, the association members with the support of a US grant set up a lecture series "Mediation - an alternative to resolving disputes through a mediator." We met with listeners and active participants in several places in Latvia (Rēzekne, Jelgava, Valmiera).

The members of the Association have actively participated in the work of the Associations “Latvian Civic Alliance” and “Latvian Adult Education Association” in practice and interest groups under the guidance of professional teaching staff of the University of Latvia. We also actively participated in the campaigns organized by the Association “Latvian Civic Alliance” in 2017 and 2018 of the Campaign "Small 100-Year-Old Citizen".

Since 2018 research and approbation work has been carried out within the framework of the Doctor of Pedagogy studies for the introduction of peer mediation in Latvian schools.

In 2019, the Social Integration Fund project was implemented, the aim of which was to provide students, youth and every inhabitant with knowledge and skills applicable in practice on democratic state policy management mechanisms, fundamental human rights and freedoms, and advocacy. By working together, an opportunity was created to understand, get to know, test the place and role of one's free will and desires by participating in public participation activities, improving mutual trust,understanding and cooperation between different groups of society. Cities in Latvia like Jelgava, Gulbene, Daugavpils, Aluksne, Rezekne were provided with an opportunity to acquire, test and use knowledge and skills applicable in practice about fundamental human rights and freedoms. Groups could participate in public activities where they could play out understanding, accepting and integrating the marginalized part of the fellow human beings. 22 informative training seminars were organized for the target groups in 6 Latvian city schools and 4 city universities – all together 759 participants.The target was reached at 210%.

We work every day to educate people who are intolerant of others as well as with vulnerable groups of young people, including sentenced young people, young people at risk of early school leaving, young people from foster families etc.

From October 2020 we will start work on the implementation of a 4-year Active Citizens fund project. Its aim is to strengthen the participation of young people and increase the capacity of vulnerable groups of young people.


You are welcome to contact us for questions of interest or willingness to cooperate!